Sports And Activities

Wide range of Sports And Activities at ICAS

Art & Craft

Children are also given the opportunity to experience various methods and techniques which enable them to enjoy the satisfaction of creativity and good craftsmanship. More emphasis placed on how things are done rather than what things are done. Many of our students have won prizes in inter-school exhibitions.


The aim of ICAS is well stocked libraries in our school. The building up of a large and versatile library takes time, but the school library has a wide range of excellent books and magazines available for students to read and borrow, and an accelerated programme continuously underway. We are planning to make CD Roms available in our libraries as an additional resource.


The first aim of our music lessons is to foster an appreciation of music among our students. Music is part of our rich culture and tradition and all children desire access to the joy and enrichment which music can bring.


Participation in sports at the school is compulsory for all students. The part physical education and games play in an all round education is universally accepted. The Following sports are practiced: cricket, football, badminton, athletics, swimming and table tennis. Proper coaches are employed for these sports. Students getting hurt or feeling unwell must inform the teacher immediately.

Outdoor Activities

Students, both boys and girls are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities like volunteer work, trekking and rock climbing. Besides providing fun and enjoyment, these activities also serve the useful purpose of survival training for youngsters.

Outdoor excursions for children. The cost of infrastructure and facilities (use and equipment) required for these trips is borne by ICAS, while the students only pay for the entrance and food.