Middle School

Guidelines and Instructions

Middle School consists of Grades 6 to 8. In grade 6 a child must have turned 11 by August of the year admitted.

Admissions & Policy

An admission test is taken of English Language and Mathematics. The childs Birth Certificate, Previous School report and 4 photographs are needed. Once a seat has been granted by the school, all dues must be paid within 3 days or the child’s seat is given to the next applicant.

Fee Structure

Please contact the school office for information


  • At these grades the subjects taught are English Language, English Liteature, Mathematics, General Science, Urdu Language, Islamiat, History, Geography, Computers, Arts and P.E


Subject specific teachers take classes at this level.

Course Books

Course books are updated yearly for the latest resources available for each subject , leading to the O Level courses.


Available at the school uniform shop.


The school year is divided into two terms, August to December and January to May. Reports are sent 4 times a year in October, December, March and June.