Fee Structure

Guidelines and Instructions

All students, parents and guardians must observe the following rules and regulations as outlined in this Policy Note regarding Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fee

Tuition and fees, payable in Pak Rupees, for the Academic year beginning August and ending in July.

Registration Fee

A one-time Registration Fee (non-refundable) will be paid by all new students in full within one week of confirmation of enrollment. Registration Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit (refundable) will be charged at the time of admission. This may be claimed (through respective Vice Principal after duly completing the REFUND CLAIM FORM) at the time of withdrawal or school completion (A-level) provided clearance of all school dues.

Claim can only be made within ONE year of withdrawal or school completion. No such claim will be entertain after one year.

No refunds for any payments (including security deposit) will be made if student is suspended or expelled on disciplinary grounds, and parents and guardians will be liable for paying up for any damages caused to the school property, as determined by the School management.

Annual Charges

This amount is billed at the time of Admission and on commencement of each proceeding new Academic Session.

Annual charges cover the expenses for computers, science laboratories, school building maintenance, maintenance of facilities, utility expenses, photocopying, instructional materials, student activities, and assessment/examination (internal to ICAS only) will be paid in full prior to attendance irrespective of joining date.

Tuition Fee

The Tuition fee is paid as per following billing periods :

Nur - Grade 8 : Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec, Jan-AC, Feb-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Jul

O & A Level : Aug-Sep, Oct-Nov+AC, Dec-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jul

For new students Tuition fee is paid for the full month irrespective of the date of joining in that month.

Students proceeding on Summer Break must have all dues cleared for the Academic Session prior to commencement.

Tuition fee for May-July is paid in full as long as the student has attended School in May.

Invoices and fee challan

Invoices and fee challan are issued latest by 10 days prior to the billing month and sent home through students. It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire from the School’s office if they have not received the challan’s by the 5th of the billing month.

All dues are paid directly to the ICAS account at the designated Bank. The due date is marked on the fee challan, and late-fee is collected by the Bank at the time of payment. The late payment charges will not be waived nor reduced.

For returning student, all previous dues including any fines must have been cleared. Non-payment or underpayment of dues may result in suspension of enrollment, refusal to re-register and/or withholding of student official transcripts and other records.

The School reserves the right to hold student’s progress reports, transcripts, school leaving and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.


In case of Arrears, despite payments we request for provision of copy of last paid fee bill along with the new one for correction/updation. All such request should be submitted through the respective Vice Principal.

A first reminder is issued to parents through student for submission of all outstanding amounts after expiry of 2nd due date of the billing period.

Second and final reminder is issued on expiry of 1st due date of the following billing period, to parents/guardians through student for settlement of outstanding amount within one week. After expiry of settlement date student may be asked not to attend school till the dues are cleared.

All students issued final reminder and are asked not to attend classes, their registration will be suspended and can only attend school on either paying all the outstanding dues or re-registering them by completing the new admission criteria and procedure.

The school reserves the right to hold student’s progress reports, transcripts, school leaving and other certificates if the dues have not been cleared.

Advance Payments

For students leaving mid-way, advance payment of tuition fee for month student has attended school is not refundable.

Advance Tuition Fee for non-attending months can only be refunded if a 30 days notice in writing is given and refund is claimed after completing the REFUND CLAIM FORM as mentioned in clause 4. This rule applies to all the applications made till April 30 only.

Only Advance Tuition (for non-attending months & clause g(ii)) and Security amount can be claimed. All other amount(s) are non-refundable under any circumstances.


Mid session withdrawals will be entertained with a 30 day notice in writing through respective vice principals.

For students leaving mid-way, advance payment of tuition fee is not refundable. This rule applies to all the applications made till April 30 only.

Students withdrawn after May 01, (with or without notice) are laible to pay till the end of session.

Security Deposit will only be refundable after completing the REFUND CLAIM FORM as mentioned in clause 4.

School Leaving Certificate, Official transcripts, progress reports and all other official documents will be entertained after receipt of duly filled OFFICIAL DOCUMENT REQUEST FORM through respective Vice Principal. All such documents will require 10 working days processing time.

The school reserves the right to with hold Student Progress Reports, Transcripts, School Leaving Certificate and all other official documents subject to clearance of school dues till the applicable billing month.

  • Any queries regarding these terms will be addressed to the respective Vice Principal in writing. All such requests are forwarded to Accounts Office for onward processing.
  • All parents and guardians responsible for guaranteeing payment of School dues will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the School’s policies. The School Management reserves the right to revise, make alterations, amend the text of this Policy Note ICAS/0113/0003 as and when deemed necessary in future or at any point in time. However, it is the School’s policy to inform parents and guardians and give appropriate advance notice for effectiveness of any change(s) and whether fresh signatures are obtained or not it is the responsibility of every parent/guardian and student to stay abreast with these changes by visiting school web-portal and inquiring from school office.