Career Counseling

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Career Counseling

The career counseling department not only guides students to reach their destinations of securing admissions in good national and international universities but also helps them to secure scholarships for the best universities of the world.

“What do you want to do in life?”, “What degree are you considering?” “What subjects do you want to take” These are the questions that we often face and many of us need help. Here’s where our school counselling office comes in. They guide the students and provide all the information in order to help them arrive at the best choice. They not only help students jump academic hurdles but help in overcoming personal problems also in order to reach their goals.

Our mission is to help students build successful pathways to their dreams, connect them to the right fit university and present them with opportunities.

ICAS provides an in-depth University and Career Counselling through a systematic approach which includes:

  • Academic Planning for Universities
  • Planning for Career Preparedness
  • Extracurricular Engagement
  • Universities and Career Exploration
  • University Selection Process
  • Career Assessments
  • University Affordability Planning
  • University Admission Process
  • University Enrollment

Counselling office help students on how to plan on subject selection, plan the academic year, university applications, extra-curricular profile building & university entrance examinations including the SAT, NET, MDCAT, NTS etc.

In order to provide opportunities, the school has conducted multiple international academic & counselling tours with the students and the most recent one was at Northwestern University Campus in Doha, Qatar.

We continue to grow our list of partners around the globe as ICAS continues towards creating opportunities for its students through the counselling office.

Munazza Ishtiaq Hussain

Career Counselor

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