Junior School

Guidelines and Instructions

Admissions & Policy

  • Admission to Junior School is based on the childs age and an admission test.
  • Once the child passes the test, a seat is made available. Test in English and Mathematics is taken. Once a seat is given to the student, all applicable dues must be paid within three days or the childs seat is given to the next applicant.

Fee Structure

Please contact the school office for information


  • Subjects taught at this level are English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science, Urdu Language, Social Studies, Islamiat, Computers, Art, Music and P.E.
  • At Grade 3 Geography is introduced alongside Social Studies.
  • At Grade 5 History and Geography are introduced in place of Social Studies.


Subject specific teachers take subjects at this level.

Course Books

Text books and syllabi is updated yearly to the latest available resources that follow the National Curriculum of England and Local Requirements of Urdu and Islamiat.


Available at the school uniform shop.


The school year is divided into two terms, August to December and January to May. Reports are sent 4 times a year in October, December, March and June.