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  • It is MANDATORY for all students to enter his/her full name at the time of joining online class, as attendance will be marked accordingly. Unidentified students will be blocked / removed from the class.
  • Students must join the class in “listen only” mode. Only Teacher is allowed to speak in online class.
  • Public Chat must be used for asking questions to teacher regarding subject / lecture only. Foul language will not be tolerated. It will result in block / removal of student from the class. Remember it’s a class.
  • Parents are advised to monitor their child activity during online classes. A child must not be left unattended as he/she might need parents’ assistance during online classes.
  • Attendance is MANDATORY.
  • Students are advised to choose a place at home where it’s quite (less noisy) and no background sound is interrupting Teacher’s voice.
  • Student may attend the class using their cell phones, but we strongly recommend using Laptop / Desktop Computer System. Class may be interrupted on cell phone devices with unexpected phone calls or messages.
  • If Student is using Laptop / Desktop Computer System, he/she is advised not to keep/use cell phones during class as it may interrupt the sound coming in headphones/speakers.
  • It is recommended that students use headphones, as it will allow them to listen to Teacher’s lecture clearly.
  • It is recommended to use “Google Chrome” browser to attend online classes. Google Chrome supports the platform resourcefully.
  • You may join class again after meeting is ended or even if you get disconnected from the internet.
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