Rules & Regulations / Policies

Attendance Policy

Absences must be given in writing before the absence occurs OR by the first period of the day. The note will be approved by the Vice Principal

Excused absences shall be defined as follows:

•   Personal illness of the student – The Principal may require verification of an illness by a physician.
•  Medical appointments – Medical or dental appointments SHOULD be scheduled after school hours. When this is not possible, the appointment should be scheduled so the student does not miss the same class repeatedly.
•  Serious illness or death in the immediate or extended family.
• Absences with parental permission shall not be granted in conflict with semester examination schedules.
•  Students on short-term suspension from school shall be considered absent but excused.  Suspended students will make up any work assigned or scheduled on the days of the suspension. While on suspension, students will not be allowed to participate, observe, or otherwise engage in any activity associated with the school.

Leaving Campus Early
Students cannot leave the campus for any reason without clearing through the office.A note must be presented in order to receive an exit slip or the parent must come into the office and sign out the student. The note should have the reason and time for leaving. Unexpected or emergency requirements to leave school early can be arranged through the Vice Principal.

Every student must be in attendance BEFORE morning assembly and be ready to commence first class immediately afterwards. If a student arrives at school late, he/she should report to the office. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action.

•    Cooperation with school personnel – Students must obey the  instructions of  school personnel.

•    Disruptive behaviour – Conduct which interferes with the educational process is prohibited. Teachers may suspend disruptive students from class. Failure to comply with the dress code is considered disruptive behaviour.

•    Electronic devices – Electronics are not to be brought to school or to school activities. This includes, but is not limited to, ipods, laser devices, walkman type players and games. A parent will have to come to school to recover any confiscated items. A phone call will not suffice. The school and its staff are not responsible for the safe storage of such items.

•    Cellular phones – Possession of these items is prohibited and discipline procedures will be followed.

•    Possesion of tobacco and  drugs – Possesion of these items will NOT be tolerated

•    Possesion of knives, or any harmful object is NOT allowed on school premises.

•    Behaviour on buses – Students are subject to school authority while on the bus.

Drivers will not tolerate obscene language, rude gestures or misbehaviour. Patrons should not attempt to stop the bus while it is on the route. Students are to ride the bus they are assigned to and are not allowed to have friends ride home with them. The following rules must be followed by those using the bus:

1.    Keep head and hands inside of the bus at all times.

2.    No horseplay or loud talking is permitted on the bus.

3.    Do not tamper with or damage any part of the bus.

4.    Do not leave your seat or stand while the bus is in motion.

5.    Do not throw anything from the bus windows.

6.    No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.

7.    Bus riders are under the supervision of the driver and must follow his instructions.

•    Bullying – Bullying is against the law and will not be tolerated. “Bullying” is defined as intimidation that may include but is not limited to teasing, taunting, threatening, frightening and/or hurting other students physically or emotionally, or influencing others to use such practices. School personnel will discipline any individual who retaliates against any person who reports bullying or who retaliates against any person who assists in an investigation or proceeding relating to a bullying complaint.


Students found cheating will be given a zero on the assignment involved. The students will be referred to the office and the parents will be notified. Future referrals to the office for cheating will result in a zero for the assignment involved and suspension from school.

After School Detention

After school detentions may be given by teachers or administrators for disciplinary infractions. When the student chooses to receive a detention for misbehaviour, he/she has also chosen to make arrangements for transportation at a time later than normal. All detentions begin at 2:20 p.m. 

Students who receive excessive detentions will be subject to suspension. Teachers and administrators attempt to contact the parent/guardian whenever a detention is issued. If a parent has a question about the detention, he/she should contact the office.

Warnings for infractions commited.

A student will be given a verbal warning and then 3 subsequent written warnings which are filed in the students file. Parents will be informed or called to the office regarding the matter and kept upto date. After 3 written warnings, a student may be expelled.

Damage to school property will be paid by the student for replacement of the object.

Graffiti of any kind will not be tolerated and will lead to expulsion immediately, or a fine.


•    We expect our students’ appearance to be neat and tidy at all times.

•    Uniform is to be that supplied by  the school only.A seasonal change of uniform is required. 

In Summers: Grades KG to 5



Short sleeved white t-shirt with school logo
Grey Skirt.
White cotton socks.
Black shoes.

white short sleeved T-Shirt/School Logo
Grey Shorts
White cotton socks /Black shoes

Sports uniform.(Boys and Girls.)

White short sleeve T-shirt with school logo/Grey cotton track pants
White socks/Black sneakers.

Winter : Grades KG to 5



Long sleeved white t-shirt with school logo

 grey skirt
Grey woolen stockings.
Ribbed black sweater with school logo
School Jacket with school logo
Black shoes

white long sleeved t-shirt with school logo
Grey trousers
Ribbed black sweater with school logo
School Jacket with school logo
Grey woolen socks/ Black shoes

Sports uniform.(Boys and Girls.)

White long sleeved T-shirt /Track suit with school logo
School jacket /White woolen socks/ black sneakers.

Summer Grades 6 to 12



Striped short sleeve shirt (kameez) with sash
White shalwar.
White cotton socks
Black shoes

white short sleeve t-shirt with school logo
Grey trousers with black belt
White cotton socks
Black shoes

Sports (Boys & Girls):

White short sleeve T-shirt with school logo
Grey cotton track pants.
White socks/ Black sneakers

Winter Grades 6 to 12



Striped full sleeve shirt (Kameez) with sash
White shalwar.
Ribbed black sweater/School Jacket with school logo
Grey woolen socks/Black shoes

Striped full sleeve t-shirt with school logo
Grey trousers with black belt
Ribbed black sweater with school logo

 Grey woolen socks/Black shoes

Sports (Boys & Girls):

White full sleeved T-shirt with school logo
Track suit
White socks/ Black sneakers

•    Hair is to be clean and neatly cut. Long hair is to be tied back.No oil in hair.

•    Make-up and nail polish are not acceptable with our school uniform.

•    Students in incorrect uniform will not be allowed to enter school premises.


The School Rules are to be understood and complied with by parents , students and gaurdians.These are applicable to all students on roll at all times and in all places.

The Principal’s decision will be final and legally binding.Failure to comply with the Rules and Procedures will result in disciplinary action.

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