Fee Structure

1.   All students, parents and guardians must observe the following rules and regulations as outlined in this Policy Note regarding Tuition and Fees.

2.   Tuition Fee:

3.   Registration Fee:

4.    Security Deposit:

5.   Annual Charges:

 6.   Tuition Fee:

Nur-Grade 8:

  Aug, Sep-Oct, Nov-Dec, Jan-AC, Feb-Mar, Apr-May, Jun-Jul

O & A Level:

  Aug-Sep, Oct-Nov+AC, Dec-Feb, Mar-Apr, May-Jul

7.   Invoices and fee challan:

8.    Arrears:

9.   Advance Payments:

10. Withdrawals:

11.  Any queries regarding these terms will be addressed to the respective Vice Principal in writing. All such requests are forwarded to Accounts Office for onward processing.

12.  All parents and guardians responsible for guaranteeing payment of School dues will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the School’s policies.  The School Management reserves the right to revise, make alterations, amend the text of this Policy Note ICAS/0113/0003 as and when deemed necessary in future or at any point in time.  However, it is the School’s policy to inform parents and guardians and give appropriate advance notice for effectiveness of any change(s) and whether fresh signatures are obtained or not it is the responsibility of every parent/guardian and student to stay abreast with these changes by visiting school web-portal and inquiring from school office.


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Your Child will be spending some very important and exciting years at ICAS. We are here to build your child's academic ability and potential.

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