Nursery - Kindergarten and Prep Curriculum

The period from age 3 to the end of the Prep Year is described as the foundation stage.It is a distinct stage and is important both in its own right and in preparing children for later schooling

The foundation stage curriculum is organised into six areas of learning:
§ Personal, social and emotional development;
§ Communication, language and literacy;
§ Mathematical development;
§ Knowledge and understanding of the world;
§ Physical development;
§ Creative development

*Special emphasis on phonics and pre reading skills

Junior and Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum of a school reflects its aims and ambitions. ICAS has two major targets: at the academic level, it prepares students for GCE’O” Level and “A” Level, at a cultural level it claims to be a liberal institution which encourages independent thought and critical enquiry among its pupils.

Given these aims, ICAS designs its own curriculum which gives different weightage to different subjects, for example, English and Mathematics at this level are considered core subjects. They are allocated comparatively more periods per week and passing these two subjects is essential for promotion.

It is through this process that ICAS has now totally revamped its early years and lower primary curricula in almost all of its curriculum areas.

Senior School :

O Level is grades IX and X . Compulsory subjects are English Language , Urdu , Mathematics , Pakistan Studies , Islamiat . Electives are divided into:

 Pre Med: Biology - Physics - Chemistry

Pre engineering: Physics - Chemistry - Add Maths - Art

Business: Economics - Accounts - Add Maths / World History

 Humanities: English Literature - Art - Business Studies / World History

A Level subjects are as follows:

Pre Med: Biology - Physics - Chemistry

Pre engineering: Physics - Chemistry - Add Maths - Art

Business : Economics - Accounts - Add Maths / Law

 Humanities : English Literature - Art - Business Studies / Law / Psychology / Sociology

The School Begins at:

            Nsy KG       Monday   -   Thursday        Friday

            Nsy KG         8:00     12:30                8:00     12:20 pm

            Prep V           8:00      01:45               8:00     12:20 pm

            VI  -  XII           8:00       02:20               8:30     12:30pm

A break is given for snacks between 11:15 am to 11:35 am. On Saturdays however we have all our extracurricular activities and remedial classes.

About Us

Welcome to ICAS,

Your Child will be spending some very important and exciting years at ICAS. We are here to build your child's academic ability and potential.

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